Volunteers Provide The Lifeblood Of Ski Racing

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Throughout Canada and the United States, most ski areas with a racing history have had a local ski club that has sponsored kids’ races, races entirely organized and run by volunteers, mainly parents.

In some areas, this volunteerism has been the individual effort of ex-racers and coaches who have given of themselves to provide free coaching, training and encouragement to local kids, either under the auspices of a ski club, or on a freelance basis. Rossland, BC has a 50-year history of volunteer coaching by ex-racers and coaches that has possibly developed as many successful racers as any other ski area in Canada.

In some areas, volunteer race organizers have grown out of the club milieu to form organizations dedicated to attracting and supporting senior races such as NorAms, National Championships, World Cup races and the Olympic Games.

Such groups as the Whistler Weasel Workers and the Sled Dogs of Alberta host senior events on their home hills where they take the lead in the setup, organization and running of these races. Other groups, such as the Mt Washington Marmots and Team 44, do not host senior races themselves, but supply a large number of experienced and hardworking volunteers who travel, at their own expense, to help with races in various locations.

Many Canadian race organizers have had great assistance from volunteers from the United States, which has a similar tradition of volunteerism to that of Canada.

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