Why We Do it

The Canadian National Championships and World Cup Alpine ski races are the culmination of thousands of volunteer hours, partly spent on the mountain, building the course, pertly in kitchens preparing food and partly in meeting rooms and offices  planning for and administering the event.

We go to all this effort year after year to help the athletes of our Canadian Alpine Ski Team by providing them with the best possible courses on which to race, right here in Canada.

We wish also to better the quality of ski racing in Whistler, British Columbia, and in all of Canada, and to help prepare for our contribution to the 2010 Olympic Games.  We provide a training ground for ski race volunteers from across Canada and the US and from many other parts of the world.

From the sport’s perspective the events here at Whistler are important to:

  • The Canadian Alpine Ski  Teams  (CAST);

  • Our national development team for home course advantages;

  • Our provincial and local teams for local opportunity to race on a world-class track;

  • Our younger athletes for one of their first opportunities to watch world-class caliber ski racing in person;

  • Our ski racing officials for a proving grounds of their abilities and the development of best practices for all levels of racing in Canada;

  • All our athletes for the media and sponsor support that comes back to skiing as a result of these races;

  • For our sons and daughters, that they might learn from our example about the power of giving and of volunteering, and for


For many volunteers, their week on the course is a great way to improve their conditioning, to re-kindle old friendships and to make new ones, to have a good time with congenial people, and to meet a physical challenge that is quite different from day-to-day work. Egos and visions of self-importance are parked at the bottom of the mountain, we have far more "worker-bees" than "chiefs" and the chiefs are "in the trenches" with everyone else.