A Typical Day As A Weasel Worker

Each morning starts early, if you choose, with a no host breakfast in Dusty’s Bar and Grill in Creekside. Check-in time may vary, but usually things are underway at Dusty's by 7:00 AM. Please be punctual. On some days, some crews may start an hour or so earlier.

Different crews will work to different schedules and agendas.  The following applies to most volunteers assigned to Course Crew.  Also, schedules and agendas will vary from "setup" days to "race days"

All volunteers must check in each morning with Volunteer Services (theAccreditation Crew).  This allows us to keep track of the days you work and gets you the proper volunteer "perk" package.

Packed lunches (sandwich, water, juice, cookie and fruit) are available daily on race days only (March 20th-28th) and will be delivered or handed out, usually at Dusty's, with resuidue going to the Warming Tent near the course at mid-station.   You are responsible for your own lunch on non race days.  Dusty's offers a convenient place to buy a variety of food, and to have a moment's rest.

A Warming Tent is located near the course at mid-station.  Hot Soup is served throughout the late morning and into the early afternoon, on both setup and race days. Using the Warming Tent for lunch allows us to stay up on the mountain.  This is more efficient that skiing down to Dusty's, saves considerable time for our course work and better allows Coordinators to find and communicate with crews.

Each monring in Dusty's, there is a briefing on the previous day’s activities and on the agenda for the current day.  Volunteers meet with their Crew Chiefs, who will further explain the jobs for the day.  Newcommers should check with the Accreditation crew to determine their crew assignment. Locate your Crew Chief by finding a table having a sign bearing his name..  It is your responsibility to lock onto your Crew Chief and ensure you are ready to leave for the gondola at a moments notice.  

Rest and RelaxationUpcomming social events  will be announced at the morning briefing, as well as general information affecting the group as a whole..

Volunteers make their own way to the mountain,each morning. If you need a ride from where you are staying,  speak to the Transporation  Crew Chief, or with Accreditation.

You and your crew will go up the mountain together with your Crew Chief or an assigned Mentor.  Your long day of work is usually underway by about 7:30. Make sure you have water and have used the bathroom. FYI Ladies, there are few facilities on the mountain where we are working.   We will try to give a 5 minute warning before leaving Dusty's for the gondola. Also, the Raven’s Nest at mid-station (top of the gondola) now has fully functioning toilets. 

When moving around the mountain, do not get ahead of your Crew Chief unless directed to, as things such as destinations or jobs change rapidly by radio and you will get separated if you get ahead!!   If you do get separated from your crew, ask any Crew Chief to assist you.

If you are given a tool to carry, stick to it like glue.  Do not leave it or give it to another crew without your Crew Chief’s permission.

At the end of the day, from 4:00PM through 7:00PM, all Weasel Workers meet in the Beer Tent to discuss the day’s efforts while enjoying a cool beverage of choice.  The Beer Tent is located at the northwest corner of the top level of the Creekside parkade, near the Creekside Market.  This meeting provides a great way to get to know your fellow volunteers, to socialize and to “tell lies” about your day’s experiences.

The Beer Tent is a good place at which to organize a ride home and perhaps some dinner conpanions.  The ROC will have a van on hand to help volunteers get themselves home at the end of the day. 


Bob Newbolt Bob Waters